Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Training: Is NOW APPROVED for 16 Continuing Education Credits for Tennessee Private Investigation and Polygraph Commission:

PITA Approved For Continuing Education Credits For TN


Global Options and Solutions (GOS) is Proud to Announce we are now approved for 16 hrs of continuing education credits for Tennessee Private Investigation and Polygraph Commission:

Be sure and click the red link below to get started on earning your continuing education credits!

Course Objectives:

  • Explain Vital Information About Assassins and Assassination Behaviors
  • Identify the Components of an effective protective intelligence system
  • Describe the specifics of specialized threat assessment investigations 



Just finished the 6-week PROTECTIVE INTELLIGENCE & THREAT ASSESSMENT Training course offered by Global Options & Solutions (no downtime on the VDI disaster/flood relief convoy!).

Great course with good presentation and information based on sourced information. The course actually provided some inspiration for modification and improvements to PROTECTION FROM ABUSE’S Protective Services programs. Raffaele Di Giorgio thank you, sir!

– By Steven Dana

“The Protective Intelligence & Threat Assessment course was extremely informative in delivering information about understanding, identifying and assessing assassination behaviors, threats, and motives toward selected targets. The information anyone will surely obtain from this course on conducting threat assessments, and managing cases would be most beneficial as a tool in their career.”

– By Anjurr Henderson

“I have just completed my 6-week online training course from Global Options & Solutions, for Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Training. There was a lot of information presented within this 6-week course. It was very educational and the final test was a bit of a teaser, had to pay attention to the wording, but that is what an investigation is about. Pay attention to the details. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the law enforcement and criminal justice communities. Raffaele Di Giorgio has put together this information and made it informative and simple to comprehend.”

– By Matthew W. Malona

“I would like to say thank you to Raffaele Di Giorgio for the amazing amount of information that I learn over the past 6 weeks in his protective intelligence and threat assessment course… Make sure you check it out if you haven’t done so yet very Informative.”

– By Joseph Mylar

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To start earning your 16 hrs of continuing education credits!   


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