If we don’t trust someone to treat our family, they will never be deployed to treat yours.

Medical Solutions

Whether you need medical providers to augment your current staffing or several independent clinics deployed and operational in the remote parts of the world where you operate. Global Options & Solutions, LLC has the experience, resources and knowledge base to make all of these a reality.

Medical Training

When it comes to Tactical/pre-hospital medical instruction, Global Options & Solutions, LLC has provided medical training throughout the world from the United States Military/Law Enforcement Special Operations Forces (SOF),  to presidential details in Mexico, Iraqi National Police(INP) emergency response unit (ERU) members/medics, South Africa Military, Afghanistan National Police, Jordan Special Protection Group(SPG) units and Pakistan Police units. We are also no strangers to the oil and petroleum industry (both in remote land locations as well as the maritime environment).

We have the ability to bring to your location the most sought after the certified courses in prehospital medicine anywhere in the world. We are truly a global provider who has instructors and every accredited prehospital medical course within the United States and Europe. This gives us the ability to custom fit courses around every client’s needs and allows us the freedom to recommend a variety of courses, instead of force fitting a set parameter of obligated courses.

Medical Operations

These are the decisions that cost lives and bankrupt projects. Because of that, we only provide the highest caliber of medical personnel that specializes in remote medical care.

Our people are able to provide:

• Remote Clinic healthcare services
• Trauma Services
• Preventive Medicine Services
• Consultation on medical needs for companies or individuals
• Quality Assurance and Clinical/ Practitioner Audits
• Mobile medical training worldwide/ Custom training or industry certifications

We only deploy medical personnel that has valid remote experience and current certifications. Our remote medics have the mastery to take the valuable lessons from their military service and to combine that with the current civilian standards.

This provides our customers with the absolute best health and cost practices in the industry.

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