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Emergency Medical Planning for Large Venues: How to Reduce Chaos and Injury

Emergency Medical Planning for Large Venues:

How to Reduce Chaos and Injury


Amazon’s #1 Bestseller

Does your organization have an emergency medical plan, or are you going to make it up after the event?


The book is on the recommended reading list and/or endorsed by such organizations as; The Center for Law Enforcement Technology, Training & Research, Inc. (“LETTR”) (not for profit) and The Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB).


Every gathering of people has potential for disaster. Whether it is a traumatic event like a mass shooting, or a more pedestrian practical problem like icy walkways; proper planning can help protect you from liability as well as ensure the success of your event. Crowd control is a security concern that directly affects your ability to provide emergency medical services.

Emergency Medical Planning for Large Venues is a practical guide to being prepared. This book, written in a readable, casual style, is geared towards event planners, law enforcement, private security, property owners/managers and medical service providers alike.

With easy to follow charts and the no-nonsense, experienced attitude of someone who has been involved in events that have been done properly and improperly, Di Giorgio teaches you what to do and what not to do and, most importantly, what questions you should be asking yourself.

He takes some of the more (in)famous cases like the Pulse Nightclub Shooting and the Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay shooting, and extracts the lessons to be learned from those disasters. He also analyses lesser known real-life examples and uses them as teachable moments.

Di Giorgio’s previous book, “Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders” has been lauded as a “must read” that fills in the gaps of other first responder training. This book, written in the same vein, is an absolute necessity for any individual or agency wishing to ensure the safety and comfort of attendees of large venues and crowds to avoid unnecessary liability.


“This text should be required reading for anyone planning medical coverage and response for gatherings of significant size. There are many factors that influence the success or failure of emergency services in these situations and this book helps direct planners and responders towards things that can easily be overlooked. The examples given really drive the points home and make it easily understood.”

 – By MedicinWA

“Raffaele is a writer who speaks from a well of real world experiences. That authenticity comes through in his latest book, Emergency Medical Planning For Large Venues. As a Security Professional who has spent the majority of his career in the very places he’s talking about, I can tell you the information is necessary and illuminating.”

– By Elijah J. Shaw