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Book Reviews

Book Reviews: Here’s what people are saying about “Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders: For Both the Individuals and Agencies”.

As one reviewer previously noted, this is not a text for those already experienced in the field. That was not Raf’s objective. What this text is, however, is a solid primer on legal topics related to tactical EMS. I would think this would be an excellent companion to tactical EMS courses at the entry level. This book would be most helpful for government administrators whose fire, EMS, or law enforcement subordinates are lobbying for a tactical team or for emergency services executives wrestling with whether or not their agency should attempt to start a team.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I had the honor and privilege of working with and training with Raf in a public safety organization a few years ago and he sent me a copy of this text and asked for my opinion. If his book was crap, I just wouldn’t review it. I have spent over three decades in police, fire, and EMS including time as a state EMS administrator and time as a fire chief. I am also entering my last year of law school. I have not served on a tactical team, but I’m fairly confident my background qualifies me to render an opinion on this work. Other than gifting me a copy of the book, I have received no compensation for this review.

-By Pyroknighton

This is an outstanding book. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for tactical medical responders (Fire, EMS, and Police) this explains the civil liabilities that may occur while operating in good faith. With over 20 years of law enforcement experience as a patrolman and now a Chief of Police at a college campus I can honestly say that Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders is a must read.

– By Chief Curtis Greene
Chattanooga State Police Department

As a retired Chief Officer and 30 year, fire service veteran and now serving as a Professor at a Community College instructing future fire service leaders this is a must read for all EMT’s, Paramedics, Swat Medics and Firefighters. I found it easy to read with a nice conversational style. I was educated on some various aspects of the legal considerations that I was not familiar with, as one must be if they have a profession in any of these occupations.

Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders would be a great addition to any EMT or Paramedic Program curriculum as well a seasoned veteran to help prepare and protect yourself and your department from liability lawsuits.

– By Amazon Customer

“Not only is this book well written I wasn’t able to put it down and let me tell you I don’t like to read so for a book to be able to hold my attention says something in greater depth that words can not express. It talked about things that should be discussed. I personally have recommended this book to all of my friends in Law enforcement, military, corrections, first responders private sector security agents even firefighters. I believe this book to be a great topic opener and puts a light on discussions over legalities that surround us in our duties every day. If you are curious about what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and check it out. You will thank yourself and the author for opening your mind. Never stop learning and stay safe.”

– By Matthew

“Legal Considerations For Tactical Medical Responders: For Both The Individuals And Agencies” is a quick read at under 100 pages. It is a concise account and I appreciate the straight-to-the-point perspective. An absolute must read written by an expert in the field. I highly recommend.”

– By jruth

“Raffaele knows his stuff.”

– By Elijah Shaw

“Excellent book filled with fantastic information covering many diverse topics such as: Good Samaritan laws, social media, what to do if you are involved in a event which triggers a lawsuit or an internal investigation. Thank you Raffaele for sharing your knowledge.”

– By Yvonne Dubois

“If you have not picked up his book “Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders for Both the Individuals and Agencies” you need to do yourself a favor and purchase it. I was unable to put it down.”

– By Matthew W. Malona

“Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders” is a much-needed text that is long overdue. Mr. Di Giorgio‘s background gives him a unique perspective which he has distilled into an easily understood manual that anyone involved in this environment can understand.

The books starts by providing foundational information about types of laws which are in play then goes on to cover everything from individual and agency liabilities to evidence preservation, and everything in between. The breadth of the information covered in this book is really impressive and touches on many areas most people in the tactical medicine community have given superficial consideration to at best and completely overlooked at worst.

The topics are presented in a logical order citations that are not distracting. Information is presented in a way that makes sense to those without a legal background making it easy to read. Mr. Di Giorgio makes use of hypothetical and actual scenarios to illustrate his points and to keep the reader engaged. At the same time, direction is given for finding locally pertinent laws and regulations for those that need that level of detail. These facts make it a book one can follow and benefit from no matter their previous exposure to the legal system.

I HIGHLY recommend that anyone considering or actively working in this field read this book. There are a lot of question that you should have answers for before you are involved in a high profile career such as tactical medicine and this book will help guide you. This is equally true for agencies utilizing these types of specialist.”

– By Medic In WA

“Raffaele knows his stuff.”

– By Elijah Shaw

“This book is short at 87 pages, can be read in a couple of hours, and is written in a clear and conversational manner. Throughout the text, the author stays on point in the discussion of legal liability for tactical medical responders without any fluff or filler. He moves progressively through the legal aspects of pertinent sub-topics including but not limited to

-areas of risk, such as civil, criminal, regulatory
-confidentiality and HIPAA
-consent, negligence, abandonment
-norms and standards of care
tacmed-specific areas such as evidence, force, detained subjects
-personnel selection, employee/shared/contractor/volunteer
-ownership of, and responsibility for personnel and gear
-public relations and media

Each sub-topic is covered in a very broad fashion, discussing the most universal and obvious issues and considerations. It does not delve into any specific area, noting the variability of local law and practices. Where lacking depth, the author advises to consult local legislation, regulation, and authorities and follow that guidance. The author is candid about that lack of depth, and there’s no attempt to be a comprehensive analysis. It is footnoted with references to some associated state and federal law, cases, legal and medical definitions for additional reading.

Having a background in interdisciplinary (LE/EMS) operations, instruction, administration, and tactical medical efforts at different levels puts the text squarely in my lane. There was no new information in the book for me, and similarly situated professionals are likely to have the same view. This text is a quick survey…an expanded, narrative checklist…well suited for LE or EMS managers with little to no exposure to the other’s issues. There is likely more for the LE manager to learn from this book than their EMS counterpart. For a field supervisor or aspiring administrator in either field, this book would be a good birds eye view of how larger programs must deal with many and varied issues. For the line officer/medic or tactical medical responder, this book is a good survey of what they are exposing themselves to and some universally applicable best practices. Also, what they should expect of their agencies and managers.

The information in this book would make for an informative conference presentation for LE and EMS managers, with the book an accompanying take-home reference.

I would like to see a larger work developed from this book with more comprehensive analysis of issues, including case studies. However, as noted by the author the “tactical medical responder” concept is still emerging and has not had as much legal review as other risk areas. Instead, perhaps a second edition could offer discussion of successful programs and lessons-learned as exemplars.

I will add this book to my list of starting references for those considering TMR/TEMS efforts in their area.

Near its conclusion, the book summarizes itself well, thusly. “If you take nothing else from this book, take away this: proper policies and procedures, written by experts and researched to determine the regional standards and then taught by qualifies instructors to your personnel are the best insurance policy you can have against risk.”

– By Amazon Customer

“This book is a must read!!! Raffaele Di Giorgio has placed years of experience and knowledge here for everyone to absorb. The subjects covered are a must have for your tool box. This book has been outstandingly written, and the message is one that can’t be ignored. Thank you Raffaele Di Giorgio for sharing this book with us all!”

– By Mark Roche EPS

“The most comprehensive, well-constructed, and enlightening manual I’ve had the pleasure to read! A must read for anyone in tactical medicine or a related protective/security/trauma care profession.”

– By Misty R. Ladd, MS, CPP, PCI, PSP

“After reviewing Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders: For Both the Individuals & Agencies by Raffaele M. Di Giorgio I would have to say this is a book that every individual that performs any form of tactical medical function, as well as those in the EMT/Paramedic world, should take the time to read and follow. This should be a reference manual that is constantly used to reinforce the importance of knowing the legal ramifications that are associated with those who day in and day risk their lives to save others. Any professional education organization that operates such a program as tactical medicine training, or those involve in training EMT/Paramedics, should consider this book as an additional learning source or text book. This is an excellent research source with practical insight from a professional who has been there and has been involved in the tactical medicine field. A very well developed document that is easy to read and easy to understand. An excellent book for both the beginner and the professional. A must have addition to any professionals library.”

– By Rodney Andreasen MS, MS, MA, FPEM, CEM

“This is a phenomenal book! It was extremely well written and informative. A must read for anyone is looking to be able to help others while having an understanding for liability. As I am just getting into Executive Protection I found it to be extremely useful. I just received the hard copy and I’m starting to read it again from the beginning. My reason is that there is so much information that having the paperback I can take notes while highlighting. This is also helpful with the parts I truly want to retain and go over once the chapter is done focusing on the highlighted sections.”

-By Amazon Customer

“Excellent book on this topic that every TMR needs to own. TMR’s have needed a book like this for years…And now it is finally here!!!!”

– By Amazon Customer

“Outstanding book on the subject by an expert in the area.”

– By Einar Myklebust

“Raffaele’s candor, knowledge and experience are definitely reflected in this great book. This information is not only helpful to care givers, but to those of us who support care givers. These professionals work each and everyday in a pressure cooker environment, yet continue to see the good in humanity and deliver their care with great skill and precision; often without thanks. They are true heroes. This should be a must read for everyone – an educational tool for the care giver and a better understanding for the layman! Well done Raff!”

– By Melanie Baker

“Raffaele Di Giorgio has a rare and unique background that allows him to share his insight and knowledge in how to manage your risk on the job. Always looking out for others, he provides valuable information in order to protect and mitigate the risk for Tactical Medics and all First Responders.

Being in the workers’ compensation industry for many years, I understand how important this information is to make sure these brave men and women are covered in the legal and insurance arena in case of a unforeseen event. The information he offers is presented in a way that makes sense out of a complicated and ever changing environment.

I encourage the investigative community to read this as well for valuable information with regard to your business that may deal with sub-contractors. Thank you Raffaele and I look forward to your next book in your continued quest to bring such important information to the people you hold in such high regard.”

– By Merrilee Riley, CA/AZ Private Investigator

“I had an opportunity to listen to Raffaele Di Giorgio lecture twice on Tactical Medicine as it relates to Executive Protection. Raffaele is one of those guys who has been there and done that worldwide …literally. After hearing he had written a book for tactical medics, I had to get it. I’m just beginning to dig into this book (currently reading chapter 2) and so far I find it very easy to follow with citations and references to cases to support his points, yet not so heavy as to make it boring. The table of contents list a variety of legal considerations that should be thought about for legal protection, should you choose to render aid to someone (after all, accidents and injuries happen ALL the time around us in the most common and uncommon of places) and are concerned about whether or not your actions or inactions, should you choose NOT to render aid, could get you sued. We live in a very litigious society. The information provided in this book should help any EMT, Medic, or lay person ease their minds about legal woes as they work their craft. Knowledge is power.”

– By Leon Adams

“Legal Considerations For Tactical Medical Responders” is a must have and read book. From the beginning it clearly states “It does not have all the answers”, but has all the right questions that need to be asked. Each State has different laws regarding medical response and each department whether police, fire, EMT responder, practicing MD on the tactical team have different liabilities and how each department/ company utilizes their TACMED.

The book discusses a wide range of subjects from criminal and civil liabilities, employee or contractor, policies and procedures, HIPAA and other areas that Raffaele Di Giorgio is a SME on.

I highly recommend this book from those that are just beginning in the field to the seasoned veteran.”

– By Amazon Customer

“In a day and age where it seems every aspiring writer tags tactical on the front of whatever topic they wish to write about, Mr. Di Giorgio actually knows his subject matter intimately and is able to convey that knowledge to his readers. This book will serve as a great guide and reference for tactical Medics everywhere.”

– By PSS Paramedic

“I have worked with Max on an overseas assignment. He is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know on the subject of tactical medics, as well as many other subjects! This book is a must for personnel and departments that have or are thinking about starting a TEMS/TCCC program.”

– By Amazon Customer

“It comes to no surprise to me that an expert in various areas of protection, legal considerations would write such an awesome book. I know the author personally and his knowledge is stellar and parallels his top notch experience! Anyone looking to peruse a career in Law enforcement, executive protection, or security consulting definitely need this book in your library. No excuses, no fluff, no sugar coating, just honest professional truth!”

– By Elder Gene Harrison JR

“Raffaele Di Giorgio is the place to go on the subject of tactical medicine. His wealth of knowledge in both the teaching and application of best practices show well in his newest body of work. I look forward to being in a classroom setting with Mr. Di Giorgio sometime soon!”

– By Amazon Customer

This is the book to have. Our brother, friend and colleague has hit the shelves.”

– BPI Group

Contact Raffaele Di Giorgio if you want learn tac medicine. Added bonus – you may be able to save a family members life also.”

 By Frank Gallagher Author of “The Bremer Detail: Protecting The Most Threatened Man In The World”

“A must read for anyone running or starting a TEMS team.”

– By Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting

“Staying abreast in turbulent times with Raffaele Di Giorgios’ new ebook, “Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders.” Mentally armed is your best weapon.”

– By Principle Intelligence, LLC

“So happy to have the hard copy now. I preemptively bought it for my Kindle and saw this a few days later. Extremely grateful that Mr. Raffaele Di Giorgio reached out to me to help rectify the situation and here a few days later I have it. Not only do I have this great book digitally and paperback but it’s also signed! Thank you Sir looking forward to learning much from you! Great read I highly recommend it!”

– By Brian Kiesel

“Raffaele is one of the key go to resources to all things TCCC in the protective services world. In his book Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders he provides critical information to help both agencies and individuals perform their duties while mitigating undo risks.”

– By Amazon Customer

“Di Giorgio shines the light on some of the legalities that come with being a Tactical Medical Responder. He correctly states that the TEMS responder is becoming more accepted, but it’s still a relatively new concept to many teams.

Often, the desire to serve on a team results in keeping politics to a minimum between agencies and not wanting to “rock the boat”, just get on the team and do your job to the best of your ability as the team medic. The team loves having a medic onboard, it’s a pretty cool job without a doubt, but are you protected legally?

The problem with this arises when situations go bad.

The law is often not as concerned about your “best intentions” but more on what is the written rule and which side has the legal mojo to swing the opinion of that rule to their side.

A well-intentioned but unprotected tactical medic can pay a hefty price.

Di Giorgio provides a guide on what you need to protect yourself legally while you serve your team. For example, he touches on the importance of training, clear MOU’s, scope of practice and the reality of where we land on the Good Samaritan laws plus much more.

It’s a quick read full of valuable information.

Di Giorgio comes from a place of one who has lived it and it’s definitely worth the read.

Highly recommended.”

– By Troy Lowe

“Very well written guide for any first responder or someone who wants to understand more about the field. Legal implications are well researched and comprehensive.”

 By Xan Rawls

“I bought a copy for our fire department. Very good read and very informative. I highly recommend this book”.


“This is a must read for those that either are or aspire to be EMTs or Paramedics, or are considering emergency medical protocols for their department or agency. There are consequences before you act and the Good Samaritan Laws only go so far to protect you. The author, who is very experienced in his field, tells it like it really is without the medical or legal jargon found in other books on the subject. I found the book to be easy to follow and understand. So before you buy that piece of “tacticool” medical equipment, or take a medical course, read his book. Knowledge is truly power in the area of emergency medicine. I think the money for the book, considering the cost of liability, is well spent.”

By R. Michels

Do yourself a favor. Be bold and take the first concrete step—Buy this Book NOW and be proactive in protecting yourself and the agency you work for.